Nov/Dec 2007

  • Shrimp Culture
  • Focus on Aquafeeds in India
  • Marine Fish
  • Feed Technology
  • Marketing

Volume 3, Number 6 November/December 2007 MICA (P) 096/10/2007

Shrimp Culture

  • The reality in producing disease free black tiger shrimp seed in India
    Until disease free brood stock becomes available, the Indian shrimp farming industry needs to adapt to new practices to be more cost efficient. An opinion article by S. Chandrasekar
  • A role model for shrimp farming in North Vietnam
    Management practices at the black tiger and white shrimp farm of the BIM Seafood Group.

Focus on Aquafeeds in India

Some recent developments in the sector, based on contributions and information from industry.
By Zuridah Merican

  • Shrimp feed: A tough yet moving industry
    It continues to attract local and foreign investment, despite an annual production below installed capacity.
  • Synergies within the Godrej Gold Coin Aquafeed Ltd
    Viney Vatal, General Manager of the JV company GGCAL talks on this strategic tie up and building shrimp feed brands.
  • Changing times with fish feeds
    Freshwater fish farming is moving towards more intensive systems which require the use of commercially produced extruded or pelleted feeds.
  • Plant derived feedstuff for freshwater aquaculture in India
    In this article, the authors discuss feed management practices in semi-intensive polyculture of carps. The use of by-products of agriculture is suggested. By P. K. Mukhopadhyay and Gopa Mitra

Marine Fish

  • Turbot Farming in China
    The emerging domestic market in China wants the salmon, turbot, halibut and sole. Companies like Seacul Turbot are expanding to meet this demand. By Arjen Roem

Feed Technology

  • Resolving ingredient bottlenecks, a must for sustainable aquaculture
    During Asian Aquaculture 2007 in August, industry met to discuss how to move away from this necessity of using fish meal in aqua feeds. Some directions were provided during this workshop.


  • Quo Vadis - Production and markets for farmed white fish in Asia Pacific
    The future supply will be from white fish alternatives farmed in Asia Pacific. Will the barramundi emerge as the next white fish? By Jacques Gabaudan and Zuridah Merican

Biotechnology in shrimp culture

  • Understanding the role of special microbes in shrimp culture
    David J Drahos explains how a proven and natural method to solve specific problems in shrimp culture works.


  • Tilapia 2007
    More investment and trade opportunities at this INFOFISH organised meeting on Asia’s top aquaculture commodity.
  • Company/Product news
    Appointments, Positions, R&D in Aquaculture, Farming Solutions, Cage Culture, Antibacterial Coatings, Extruder book review etc.

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