Nov/Dec 2008

  • Shrimp/Fish Hatchery
  • Feed Technology
  • Focus on Cage Culture
  • Developments Show Report

Volume 4, Number 6 November/December 2008 MICA (P) 074/10/2008

Shrimp/Fish Hatchery

  • Selective breeding of Pacific white shrimp
    Shaun M. Moss, Dustin R. Moss, Steve M. Arce and Clete A. Otoshi discuss the shrimp breeding program in Hawaii's OI and work to optimize growth and survival of the shrimp.
  • Sea bass seed production in Vietnam: Bridging the gap
    Nha Trang University plays a bridging role. By Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology

  • Highly-digestible artificial feeds for shrimp larvae and postlarvae
    Replacing live food with nutritionally balanced artificial feeds. By Roeland Wouters
  • Review: Carotenoids in shrimp maturation and larval quality
    The second part of this article discusses carotenoid sources for maturation diets. By Regunathan.
  • Intestinal absorption and incorporation of protein in a carp and catfish
    A better understanding of the absorption of amino acids and protein to develop the right formulation and feeding strategy. By Partha Bandyopadhyay

Focus on Cage Culture

  • Marine fish in Vietnam
    Nguyen Huu Dung describes the challenges for industry.
  • Cobia in idyllic Central Vietnam
    Nha Trang Pearls Ltd anticipates better returns with diversification and change in strategy in cobia culture. By Zuridah Merican


  • Leading the charge in Malaysia
    Blue Archipelago Bhd is bullish on the shrimp farming business in Malaysia
  • Sustainable krill harvest
    The technology key to secure sustainable harvesting by Maja Baevre-Jensen and Simon Wadsworth

Show Report

  • Innovation in a global market
    Conference highlights at Skretting Australasian Aquaculture 2008, Brisbane.


  • Innovation in marketing
    The Australian aquaculture seafood industry needs to be creative and build capacity, says Roy Palmer.

Health Management

  • Case studies on aquaculture health in Australia
    Bacillus probiotics in fish larval rearing in two farms in Australia by Olivier Decamp, Liz Evans, David Moriarty and M.J. van Schoonhoven

Pond Management

  • Efficient oxygenation
    Dennis L. Mast describes the technology for aeration with tiny bubbles to raise oxygen levels in fish ponds.

Product News

  • Semi rigid netting to address industry concerns

Show preview

  • Early birds in the Aqua Pavilion at VIV Asia 2009

Company News

  • Akva group, Pharmaq and Ewos open joint office in Vietnam
  • Sac-Pac Fish Farm, Addcon, Alltech, GFT, Omega Protein, Lallemand, Novus and BFT group
  • A large gathering of nutritionist at 7th SWCSNFFS, in Beijing in September
  • Aquavision 2008, held in Norway.
  • Book reviews
  • Forthcoming events