Nov/Dec 2011

  • Better Yields in Bali Farms
  • Wssv Resistance in Vannamei Shrimp
  • Amino Acids in Aqua Nutrition
  • A Gap Analysis in Freshwater Fish Feeds
  • Cobia in China

Volume 7, Number 6 November/December 2011 MICA (P) 008/10/2011 ISBN 1793-0561

  • From the editor
    Year in review 2011: The Good, Bad and The Ugly


  • Faster growing giant freshwater prawn/ASEAN Seafood Federation/Fast and furious with vannamei shrimp in India.
  • News in brief

Shrimp Culture

  • Comments from industry on current issues on shrimp diseases
    Dan Fegan says that epidemiological investigations will help us better understand potential risk factors contributing to recent outbreaks
  • Better yields in Bali farms
    Three farm managers in Indonesia tell how they succeeded with consistently high yields of vannamei shrimp. Reports Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology

  • Improving our understanding of amino acids in aqua nutrition
    Experts discuss research on leading fish species in Asia during this half-day post- TARS 2011 seminar
  • Growth and survival of white shrimp fed with a yeast fermentation metabolite
    Lab and field trials in Thailand by leading shrimp expert Chalor Limsuwan and his team show improvements in growth, survival and non-specific immunity of shrimp
  • Essential amino acids and their variation in tilapia feed ingredients
    Dhanapong Sangsue explains how to manage variations in amino acid composition
  • Feeding black tiger shrimp with tuna hydrolysates
    Inclusion of the concentrate in feeds containing high and low levels of Danish fishmeal improves growth. By Vincent Fournier and Victor Suresh
  • Current status of fresh water fish feeds in Asia: A gap analysis
    The gap is in composition of nutrients and farmers should target performance and not just feed costs. By Pedro Encarnaí§í£o

Industry Review - Marine fish

  • Cobia aquaculture in offshore cage systems in China
    The annual production is 7,000 tonnes from 20,000 cages, say Xinxuan Li and Zufu Li


  • Selected families of Litopenaeus vannamei show important resistance to WSSV
    A Panama breeding program shows that under controlled conditions for a severe WSSV challenge, there is resistance. By Jorge Cuéllar- Anjel, Brenda White-Noble, Paul Schofield, Roberto Chamorro and Donald V. Lightner
  • A microbial consortium based fermented single cell detritus as marine larval feed
    In marine hatcheries, MSCD technology may change the way aquatic organisms are fed, according to S. Felix and P. Pradeepa


  • China’s Guolian expands
    This is not only with shrimp but with tilapia and feed production

Show Review

  • VICTAM, FIAAP AND GRAPAS ASIA 2012, Bangkok, Thailand
    In February, these exhibitors will showcase equipment and products for cost effective feeds
  • Company News
    Exploring salmon feed benefits in hatchery and grow-out
  • R&D and focus on aquatic animal health
  • GlobalGap certification for feed company/New office in Vietnam
  • New corporate branding / breakthrough in CO2 debate
  • Revolutionary net cleaner/krill meal
  • Fish vaccination to start in Vietnam/New appointments
  • Aquaculture at Livestock Asia 2011