Nov/Dec 2012

  • Progress with case definition in EMS/AHPNS in Asia
  • Shrimp culture model in China
  • Feeding practices for pangasius in India
  • Tilapia:getting more from feed formulations
  • Retail concentration in seafood marketing

Volume 8, Number 6 November/December 2012 MICA (P) 008/10/2012 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • Year 2012 - Two steps forward, one step back?


  • Emergency consultation on the EMS/AHPNS/Industry forum in Malaysia/ Inspection guide in Thai
  • News in Brief

Shrimp Culture

  • EMS/AHPNS: On the same page on its diagnosis with a case definition
    Experts propose going back to basics in shrimp farming, reports Soraphat Panakorn, Karunanithi and Zuridah Merican
  • A new generation of sustainable shrimp
    Henry Ahaen Wang is looking at an energy efficient and economical green system for the vannamei shrimp
  • An improved culture model for vannamei shrimp in South China
    Smaller ponds for intensive culture allow for better management and higher yields. By Peng Zhidong, Dong Qiufen, Zhang Song and Yang Yong

Feed Technology

  • Special feeding practices for pangasius catfish in Andhra Pradesh
    D Linga Prabu and M Kavitha say that the benefits include reduction in costs of production and lower impact on the pond environment.
  • 50 years in aquafeed production
    The BioMar team tells AAP how the R&D experience with salmonids is applied for new performance feeds for the tilapia in Latin America
  • Can tilapia get more out of your current feed formulation?
    Better cost efficiency of tilapia feeds achieved in cages in Brazil with addition of digestibility enhancers. By Giovani Sampaio Goncalves, Manoel Joaquim Peres Ribeiro, Diogo Villaca and Peter Coutteau


  • Tilapia LVHD cage production in Hainan
    Zhou Enhua, Zhang Jian, Michael C. Cremer and Timothy O'Keefe describe the results of a feeding demonstration using soy-based feeds
  • Acidification in monogastric fish: limits and potentials
    The impact of acidifiers on the proper digestion of high protein diets, by Christian Luckstadt


  • Retail concentration and demand for seafood products
    Jose Fernandez-Polanco says that increasing production in a highly fragmented small scale industry causes a negative impact on prices and producers should adapt to current market conditions.

Company News

  • Smart aqua additives for the blue revolution
  • Best practice manuals on groupers
  • World Nutrition Forum
  • Health workshop/One shrimp program
  • Looking East/New Name for R&D lab in Singapore
  • Fine particle size grouper feeds and aeration series/New acquisition

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