Nov/Dec 2013

  • Hybrid Snakehead in China
  • Combating EMS in Malaysia
  • Farming Vannamei Shrimp in Myanmar
  • Methionine in Aquafeeds
  • Production and Marketing Challenges for Asia's Finfish
  • Show Preview of Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2013 in Vietnam

Volume 9, Number 6 November/December 2013 MICA (P) 008/10/2013 ISBN 1793 -0561

From the editor

  • The year in review - cause and effect


  • Launch of Quarantine Facility/ Aquaculture in Vietnam in 2020/ China and shrimp

Shrimp Culture

  • Combating EMS
    Karunanithi Muthusamy gives suggestions on how to reduce the impact of EMS and continue the crop to 70 DOC.
  • Shrimp farming in Myanmar
    The outlook for vannamei shrimp farming is better with potential areas and a new government policy, say Nyan Taw and Soe Tun.
  • Shrimp handling methods
    Alex Hing describes the use of equipment to harvest and transfer shrimp to increase operational efficiency with least damage to shrimp.

Feed Technology

  • Availability of amino acids in aqua diets
    Part 2: The methionine case A comparison of efficiency of free amino acids sources verified in a simple trial. By Andreas Lemme, Claudia Figueiredo-Silva, Christoph Kobler and Stefan Mack.
  • Developing feeds for recirculation systems in fish farming
    R&D on performance feeds for RAS prepares industry for the future.

Freshwater Fish Culture

  • Hybrid snakehead fish farming in China
    Farming expanded with the hybrid snakehead but expansion is limited with dependence on local live fish markets. By Dong Qiufen, Peng Zhidong, Mei Gaoshang, Zhang Song and Yang Yong.

Finfish Aquaculture

  • Taking Asia's finfish aquaculture to the next level of development
    TARS 2013 Part 2. The challenges in production, marketing and sustainability. Extracts of presentations show challenges in production technology and health management towards sustainability.


  • Marketing farmed white fish
    At TARS 2013, Christelle Vigot and Anton Rizki looked at positioning farmed whitefish and image building.

Company News

  • Green premix plant in Vietnam/Appointment
  • Health diet to improve immune defences of farmed fish
  • Nutrifish 2013

Show Review

  • A selection on what to expect at the trade show during Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2013 in Vietnam


  • Workshop on Biofloc Technology and Shrimp Diseases
  • Fish International 2014/Events