Nov/Dec 2015

  • Night time in shrimp farming
  • Probiotics in AHPND challenge model
  • BFT for efficient and biosecure shrimp farming
  • Aqua Feeds 2.0: From Farm to Plate - Part 2
  • A closed system for Macrobrachium larvae production
  • Tilapia in the US

Volume 11, Number 6 November/December 2015 MCI (P) 037/10/2015 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • 2015 - the good, bad and ugly


  • Targets set at Vietfish 2015

Shrimp Culture

  • Night time in shrimp farming
    Soraphat Panakorn describes night activities at shrimp farms and best management practices to avoid disasters
  • Probiotics reduce mortality and pathology in a standardised AHPND challenge model
    Beneficial effects include higher survival and histological signs of hepatopancreas regeneration. By Dang Thi Hoang Oanh, Mathias Corteel and Olivier Decamp

Biofloc Technology

  • Shrimp biofloc technology - efficient and biosecure operation system
    Efficient intensive shrimp farming with biofloc technology, says Nyan Taw
  • More on biofloc technology
    Insights into BFT and its applications at World Aquaculture 2015

Feed Technology

  • Aqua Feeds 2.0: From Farm to Plate
    This second part looks at the challenges with fish meal replacement, nutrition and health, sustainable feeds and environmental impacts and communicating for the future
  • Phytogenics for better profitability and sustainability
    A tool to counter immune system suppression/side effects in the gastrointestinal tract in shrimp fed with low fish meal diets. By By Rui Goncalves and Goncalo Santos
  • Yeast cell wall and immunostimulation
    Prebiotics in feeds for carp fingerlings improved feed efficiency, growth and resistance to A. hydrophila infection. By Ghaffar Ebrahimi and Marcia Villaca
  • Phytonutrient solutions for white shrimp and tilapia farming
    Clément Soulet discusses results of experimental challenges in Thailand and Israel
  • Medium chain triglycerides in Vietnamese aquaculture
    The potential with shrimp, and pangasius (vaccinated and unvaccinated). By Jan Oppen Berntsen, Nguyen Duc Dung, Pham Cong Thanh, Vo Thanh Tung, Huynh Truong Giang and Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa


  • Aquaponics as a sustainable solution for Asian aquaculture
    This opens up the possibility to harvest fish and vegetables from the same volume of water, say Jason Danaher and Kaitlin Redmond
  • Improving farming practices
    Zonal management among smallscale aquaculture operators in Asia

Freshwater Aquaculture

  • A closed hatchery system for the freshwater prawn
    Developed in Brazil and adopted by Latin American commercial hatcheries. By Wagner C. Valenti and Dallas L. Flickinger
  • Snakehead farming in indoor RAS
    Seminar for new farmers
  • Pangasius in Indonesia
    Stepping up competitive edge with AFTA in 2016


  • Tilapia is the US consumers' choice
    Popular in the US, imports are expected to increase in 2015. By Fatima Ferdouse

Company News

  • PPP in research and training
  • The second shrimp wave in India
  • Shrimp seminars in East Java/Marine fish hatchery operators meet in Crete
  • Lightner retires and leadership transition for the UA-APL begins
  • Thanks to Algae!/appointment
  • App to give a head start in aquaculture


  • Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion