Nov/Dec 2018

  • The Thai shrimp model
  • Investing in Asia's shrimp industry
  • Integration in the tilapia supply chain
  • South African success with insect meal and oil
  • Pangasius in China

Volume 14, Number 6 November/December 2018 MCI (P) 008/10/2018 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • The year that was- challenging times and start-ups


  • Meet the press at Aqua 2018
  • News in brief

Shrimp Culture

  • The Thai shrimp model
    Suraphol Pratuangtum and Soraphat Panakorn demonstrated a need to change at the farm and community level, to be more efficient.
  • Investing for the future
    Asia's shrimp aquaculture industry requires more investment in resources and R&D to improve production efficiency.
  • Productivity in the supply chain
    Genetics as a tool to develop a more targeted shrimp and approaches for sustainable nursery culture in Asia. By Zuridah Merican and Yvonne T Nathan.
  • Integration and Supply Chain
    Integration in the tilapia supply chain
    As PTAN approaches 30 years as the leading tilapia producer, adapting to changing environments and market conditions are inevitable.

Feed Technology

  • Growing micro nutrition in Asian aquaculture
    DSM invests more resources into its aquaculture portfolio to sharpen its competitive edge.
  • Lessons from soccer - applied to microbiology
    Benedict Standen takes the cue from soccer and says that multigenus rather than one single genus could be more effective in probiotic formulations.
  • Era of disease, adapt or die!
    Alexandre Veille says that industry needs to catch up fast with pathogen.
  • Nutritional and health Interventions
    Insights, knowledge and updates for farmers and feed producers, report Yvonne T Nathan and Zuridah Merican.
  • íŸ-glucans: Innate immune system response in shrimp and fish
    The strategy is to reduce mortality and improve productivity. By Melina Bonato and Liliana Borges.
  • A South African success story: Insect meal and oil for global markets
    A pioneer in waste to nutrient upcycling, AgriProtein is expanding laterally and vertically, by Zuridah Merican.

Freshwater Fish Culture

  • Push for pangasius farming in China
    The high demand for white fillet is driving its farming using high quality feeds. By Dong Qiu-Fen, Wu Tian-Pei, Peng Zhi-Dong, Zhang Tai-Zhuo and Wang Yao-Hua.

Company News & Events

  • 8th World Nutrition Forum
  • Study on krill meal/ ASC-VietGAP benchmark
  • New shrimp hatchery product/Entry into Indonesian feed market
  • Second premix plant/appointment
  • Expanding R&D capabilities
  • Acquisition in Ecuador
  • Functional feed additives for aquaculture
  • Show review - Aqua 2018