Nov/Dec 2019

  • Gen 2 in Vietnam: Sustainability in Mind
  • Growing the Aquafeed Business
  • Skeletal Anomalies in Farmed Marine Fish
  • EU-Thailand: Matching Business and Technology

Volume 15 Number 6 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019 MCI (P) 010/10/2019 PPS1699/08/2013(022974) ISBN 1793 -0561

From the editor

  • 2019: A year of start-ups, China rising, sustainability and RAS


  • Young shrimp farmers in Bali/Ecological intensification of Asian aquaculture

Integration & Supply Chain

  • Gen 2 takes over Vietnam’s Quoc Viet with sustainability in mind
    President Ngo Quoc Tuan elaborated on challenges ahead to bring the company up to the next level. By Zuridah Merican.
  • Experiences at a farm-based, pond-type Penaeus vannamei nursery in India
    Part 2: Nursery operations from pond preparation to transfer of juveniles to ponds. By Surendran V, Ravikumar Y, Chandrashekhar JYR and Anantheswara Bhat P

Shrimp Culture

  • How to use farm care products effectively
    Knowing and understanding more on products and application methods are vital. By Soraphat Panakorn.
  • Successful production of black tiger shrimp in Australia with new mode of delivery of probiotics
    Moving away from delivery via feed to manage bacterial pathogens. By Manuel Poulain, Olivier Decamp, Brad Callcott and Justin Holgate

Feed Technology

  • Optimising trace mineral supply in microdiets for marine fish larvae
    Skeletal anomalies in farmed teleost fish in marine hatcheries can be reduced by elevating dietary levels of zinc. By Michael Viegas, Paulo Gavaia, Wilson Pinto, Jorge Dias and Luí­s Conceií§í£o
  • Scouting the most attractive chemoattractant for Pacific white shrimp
    Dr Alberto Nunes discusses the results of Labomar’s latest head-to head chemoattractant study.
  • An overview on the benefits and modes of actions of functional protein hydrolysates in fish and shrimp
    Proof of concept in three key areas: palatability, nutrition and health. By Fabio Soller, Mikael Herault and Vincent Fournier
  • Commercial feeds for the Asian seabass in China
    While feed millers work on selecting raw materials, farmers specify colour, fishy flavour, elasticity and less dust in feeds. By Lu Bingyan, Dong Qiufen and Zhang Song
  • TARS 2019: Aquafeeds - Fit for Future
    • Aquafeeds in Vietnam: What’s next? • Feed for thought: Farmers have their say • Growing the aquafeed business • Replacing fish meal and fish oil in aquafeeds • Nutrient requirement based aquafeeds

Freshwater Aquaculture

  • Stabilising water quality with pelleted feeds
    In Andhra Pradesh, progress with partial replacement of DORB
  • Ecological intensification of aquaculture in Indonesia
    Improving systems in ways that farmers can easily adopt to achieve higher productivity


  • Brokerages in Thailand and Vietnam
    Matching business and technology between EU aquaculture stakeholders with those in Thailand

Show Review

  • TIFSS 2019