Nov/Dec 2020

  • Vannamei shrimp culture in concrete tanks
  • Modulating shrimp and water microbiota
  • New generation palatability enhancers
  • Mycotoxins in aquaculture
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Volume 16, Number 6 November/December 2020 MCI (P) 010/10/2020 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • 2020- No Turning Back


  • Global shrimp markets: Looking beyond the pandemic

Shrimp Culture

  • Culture in concrete tanks: Growth of white shrimp at varying stocking densities
    In Batam, Indonesia, Romi Novriadi reported that stocking density of 300 PL/m2 produced the best daily growth of juveniles.
  • Is EHP now the key health concern for Asian shrimp producers?
    Infection rates in tested ponds in Thailand, have risen, according to Pau Badia, Nitrada Yamuen, Chatbongkot Meakniti, Kultida Khwankuea, Ratchakorn Wongwaradechkul, Audrey Burkard, Marius Nicolini, Tarinee Limakom, Anton Immink, Olivier Decamp, Ralf Onken and Andy Shinn.
  • Modulating shrimp and water microbiota in hatchery and nursery systems
    New investigations with molecular techniques help in understanding microbial interactions in shrimp culture. By Ana Rodiles, François Cellier, Stephane Ralite, Eric Leclercq and Mathieu Castex
  • Magnetism to enhance Artemia quality
    A technology which helps hatcheries to become more efficient in producing high quality Artemia nauplii in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Freshwater Aquaculture

  • Channel catfish farming in China: An introduction to common infectious diseases
    While production is on the rise, fungal and bacterial diseases threaten channel catfish farming, says K.P. Sun.
  • Recovery from bacillary necrosis of pangasius using a nutrition complexe
    Supplemented in feed, catfish fingerlings showed liver and kidney recovery after Edwardsiella ictaluri bacterial infection. By Phuong Do, Oanh Dang, Phuong Dang, Audric Touchet, Gaetan Gutter, Philippe Mahl and Hoang Phan

Organic Aquaculture

  • Moving forward with the green way of life!
    Organic aquaculture is a young sector and has wide and challenging issues, say Carlos Rodríguez, Carlos López, Ewa Sujka and Lisa Collado.

Feed Technology

  • Where there is krill, there is a way!
    A review on this feed supplement which improves nutritional composition and attractability of plant- based or reduced fish meal feeds. By Lena Burri and Geronimo Leonardi
  • Results are in from the first study on effect of krill meal on shrimp digestive gland
    Lena Burri shares some insights on the findings.
  • Advancing aquaculture with a yeast fermentate additive in aquafeed
    The dual-action effects on the immune system and gut health of white shrimp and tilapia fry. By Kok Leong Wee, Julie Gasper and Ning Widjaja.
  • A new generation of feed palatability enhancers designed for carnivorous fish species
    A game changer to standardise feed palatability in nutritionally balanced feeds, say Paul Seguin, Vincent Fournier, Mikael Herault and Fabio Soller.
  • Mycotoxins in aquaculture
    Often underestimated, the mycotoxin threat increases with the move towards the sustainable approach with more plant-based ingredients in aquafeed. By Sudhakar V. S. Govindam and Henry Wong