Nov/Dec 2021

  • Gut Health in China's Aquaculture
  • Shrimp Models: Asia vs Latin America
  • Methionine Sources for Aquafeeds
  • The Black Tiger in India and Philippines

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2021: The good, the bad and the ugly

Industry News

  • Shrimp farming models in Asia vs Latin America

Shrimp Culture

  • Advanced maturation feeds for biosecure production of robust nauplii
    Replacing high-risk traditional feeds support cost effective production of quality nauplii. By
    Mark Rowel Napulan, Ramir Lee, Peter Van Wyk, Chris Stock and Craig L. Browdy
  • Black tiger shrimp: Better or Blunder
    At TARS 2021, Manoj M Sharma says the return to its farming depends on the availability of SPF
    broodstock but a concern is competition with large size vannamei shrimp
  • Operation plan: Back to the black tiger shrimp
    Culture models to revitalise its farming at the 13th Philippines Shrimp Congress

Industry review-Freshwater Fish

  • 30 years of tilapia breeding programs
    Rajesh Joshi, Anders Skaarud and Anne Vik Mariussen say that this is an essential contribution
    for a viable industry
  • A view on freshwater fish farming in India
    The second-largest freshwater fish producer in the world has potential for further development,
    according to B. Laxmappa

Feed Technology

  • Relative bioavailability of DL-methionine and methionine hydroxy analogue
    in aquaculture
    The best methionine source is important for precise nutrition and cost optimisation, say Nguyen
    Van Tien and Pradeep Krishnan
  • Gut health: A focal point of Chinese aquaculture
    Yufan Zhang explains the importance of gut health for fish and shrimp and on efforts to avoid
    gut enteritis
  • Functional feed additive strategies to optimise health in tilapia
    Martin Guérin, Maria Mercè Isern-Subich and Waldo G. Nuez-Ortín explain how Asian farmers
    can learn from their counterparts in Brazil
  • Diving into palatability enhancers
    Work on the European seabass can speed up innovation for the Asian seabass, according to
    Paul Seguin, Vincent Fournier and Mikael Herault
  • Essential oils and their aromatic compounds
    Jean Peignon says that multiple bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects are key to sustainable
    performances of fish
  • Insect meal improves the survival rate and boosts growth performance
    when partially replacing fishmeal in whiteleg shrimp diets
    Rafael Hermes, Martin Zorrilla and Nicholas Piggot discuss new research which shows BSF meal
    as a cost effective and functional ingredient


  • Blockages causing limited exports of Asian shrimp to high-end HOSO
    shrimp markets
    Hervé Lucien Brun explores why do Latin American HOSO shrimp often have a better reputation
    than those from Asia

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