November/December 2023

  • Making Shrimp Farming Sexy
  • Unmasking China’s Vannamei Shrimp Production
  • Omega-3s Futures in Aquafeeds
  • Managing Vibrios
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From the editor

  • 2 2023: The Year That Was

Industry News

  • Young Thai shrimp farmers meet their Indonesian counterparts
  • In Brief

Shrimp Aquaculture

  • Farmers x Tech
    At the Global Shrimp Forum, technology providers pitch to farmers from Ecuador, Guatemala,
    India and Indonesia
  • Making shrimp farming sexy
    The next generation is bullish on shrimp farming during the dialogue at TARS 2023
  • Unmasking vannamei shrimp production in China
    In this insight into Chinese domestic production, Fu-Ci Guo connects imports and
    consumption and the potential to increase production in the near future

Disease Management

  • Phenotype switching in Vibrio
    A promising method to mitigate AHPND in vannamei shrimp culture, says Peter Bossier
  • Managing productivity with disease mitigation
    While classical R&D continues, is using AI the way forward?
  • Shrimp disease management: Asia versus the Americas

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Empowering independent aquaculture
    Anton Immink discusses ThinkAqua’s innovative approach to engage independent farmers. By
    Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology

  • Omega-3 futures in aquafeeds
    An In-focus workshop analysed gaps between science and practices and use of omega-3
    stocks more efficiently
  • The effects of black soldier fly meal on growth performance, lipid and fatty acid
    composition of juvenile red swamp crayfish
    By Shanmugam Neviliappan, Mun Ka Ki and Lim Jie Min

Production Technology

  • ASC’s Improver Programme and what producers need to know
    ASC’s Roy van Daatselaar and Thai Union’s Blake Stok rationalise on efforts to be inclusive in
    certification and best practices among small scale shrimp farmers

Industry Review -Freshwater Fish Aquaculture

  • From boom to uncertainty in largemouth seabass aquaculture in China
    Zhang Yufan and Henry Wong say that post pandemic, industry is optimistic on its potential
  • Moving freshwater fish farming in India
    Converting traditional farming systems to modern techniques will increase fish production and
    address environmental sustainability. By B. Laxmappa and S. Narsaiah
  • Pangasius in 2023: Cyclical supply issues in Vietnam

Show Review

  • TIOFIS 2023: Ways to balance profit and sustainability
  • MAC celebrates 20 years in marine aquaculture research and innovation in


  • Company News