Sept/Oct 2005

  • Focus: shrimp culture management
  • Developments
  • Feed Technology
  • Fish Nutrition
  • News

Issue (September/October 2005)
Focus: shrimp culture management

  • From artisanal to preventive and therapeutic measures against diseases in Vietnam
    Some methods in pond, water and feed management adopted by shrimp farms in Vietnam's Ben Tre Province are discussed. By Zuridah Merican
  • Probiotics in aquaculture
    True probiotics are designed to enhance beneficial species and inhibit deleterious ones according to D. J. W. Moriarty, O. Decamp and P. Lavens


  • Recent trends in China's aquaculture industry
    In 2003, total aquaculture production in China reached 30.28 million tonnes. A remarkable development was in the production of Penaeus vannamei which totalled 605,300 tonnes. By Wang Qingyin and Wang Qun

Feed Technology

  • The use of hydrolysed soybean meal in feeds for juvenile freshwater fish
    A 10% substitution of the soybean component with this meal was sufficient to improve growth performance by 25% in hybrid catfish and 40% in tilapia, according to Aruneepong Srisathaporn and colleagues.
  • De-oiled soy lecithin plays crucial roles in shrimp
    The higher concentration of PC and PE in deoiled soy lecithin offers options to formulate balanced shrimp feeds. By Yuyun Mu

Fish Nutrition

  • The feeding and nutrition of the tilapia: Part 1 Culture and Nutrition
    David Creswell looks at current culture and feeding practices of the tilapia and its nutritional requirements


  • The catfish fight in the US
    Another setback for the catfish industry in Vietnam
  • Comments from Industry on.
    With Malaysia allowing the culture of the white shrimp in the country, Liong Pit Chong raises the question on whether adequate measures to prevent TSV from entering the country are in place
  • Complete control
    TA report on how Prayoon Hongrath is developing the CoC certified Sureerath Farm into one of world class standard for the culture of the black tiger shrimp in Thailand


  • At the seminar on "Advanced shrimp farming technology for white shrimp in Malaysia", Robins McIntosh shares his experiences on culture technologies for Penaeus vannamei
  • At Vietfish 2005, there was a showcase of quality and more value added seafood products and alongside were companies displaying feed additives and feed manufacturing equipment for the expanding aquaculture industry in Vietnam