Sept/Oct 2007

  • Shrimp Culture
  • Feed Technology
  • Show review
  • Pond Management
  • Developments

Volume 3, Number 5 September/October 2007 MICA (P) 099/10/2006

Shrimp Culture

  • Towards a sustainable shrimp industry in Indonesia
    Indonesian Aquaculture 2007 was an industry forum to seek a common vision amongst stakeholders. A challenge for industry is to work together to improve food safety for longterm sustainability. By Zuridah Merican
  • Shrimp Club Indonesia
    An interview with Iwan Sutanto, president on the aims and strategies of the club
  • Food safety starts with quality feeds
    Gold Coin Group CEO and Regional Director speak on the role of PT Gold Coin Indonesia, a veteran shrimp feed producer

Feed Technology

  • Immunostimulation in aquaculture: what’s the news?
    A discussion on the role of pro- and prebiotics and nucleotides to enhance general animal health and performance. However, we are closer to understanding their role in fish, according to Klaus Hoffmann
  • Innovative feed and feeding strategies to maximise the profit margins in organic aquaculture
    A diet with yeast protein, replacing fish meal, to produce a higher value organic product and reduce production costs. By John Sweetman and Steve Craig
  • L-lysine sulphate in diets improves FCR and morphological parameters of hybrid tilapia
    Hybrid tilapia fed diets with supplemental Llysine sulphate had higher fillet yield in a recirculation water system. By Zhi-gang Zhou, Pei-bin Wang, Hui-yuan Lv, Hui-kang Wang and Andreas Lemme

Show review

  • Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2007
    The dynamism in Vietnam’s industry reflected at producers meeting on day three of the conference program. Reports Ming Hsun Wu

Pond Management

  • Improving conditions in shrimp ponds
    The use of a multifunctional natural product to improve ponds conditions. By Claude E. Boyd, Olivier Decamp, Roselien Crab and Willy Verstraete


  • Success with domestication leads to selective breeding
    How a large scale research project with industry participation is helping to understand and remove barriers on black tiger shrimp domestication

Fish Culture

  • Saponin in tilapia feed to control maturation
    Substituting for hormones in the control of reproduction of tilapia in brackishwater ponds. By Christian Lí¼ckstí¤dt, Paz Kí¼hlmann and Yasmin Primavera-Tirol
  • Anesthetics in aquaculture: the emerging popularity of clove oil
    Amani Al-Yaquot and Charles M. James demonstrate its efficacy in handling and transportation of silver pomfret and marine shrimp


  • Full scale marketing of SPF BT post larvae in Vietnam
    After seven years of improving SPF black tiger shrimp, Moana is ready to market post larvae to the region. By Zuridah Merican
  • Company/Product news
    Appointments, aqua feeds, additives, shrimp health and astaxanthin
  • Trade at Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2007
    Featuring feed additives and pond and aeration products
  • Forthcoming Events 2007