Sept/Oct 2008

  • Focus on Organic Aquaculture
  • Feed Technology
  • Shrimp Culture
  • Industry Review
  • Fish culture

Volume 4, Number 5 September/October 2008 MICA (P) 096/10/2007

Focus on Organic Aquaculture

  • Organic Certification - a chance for sustainable aquaculture
    Overview of GTZ's organic aquaculture activities in Thailand, Ecuador and Vietnam, to be followed by organic aquaculture in the Philippines. By Marc Nolting and Mark Prein

Feed Technology

  • Review: Carotenoids in shrimp maturation and larval quality
    A two-part article on the importance of carotenoids in broodstock nutrition. By Regunathan. Part one: The role in shrimp reproduction
  • Protein hydrolysis of processed animal proteins
    In vitro protein digestibility in shrimp shows its potential as alternate protein sources. By Eric de Muylder, Daniel Lemos and Geert Van Der Velden
  • Dietary potassium diformate in fish feeds
    The benefits of dietary organic acids in feeds for the tilapia in Asia. By Christian Luckstadt
  • Effect of a combined probiotics and phytase enzyme on growth in Pangasius catfish
    Patcharaporn Wongsa and Pipat Werukhamkul discovered improvements in weight gain and FCR
  • Solid state fermentation enzymes
    How it can unlock the hidden potential in aquaculture feeds. By Alison Leary, Le Thanh Hung and Tran Ngoc Thien Kim

Shrimp Culture

  • A herbal preparation for growth and disease resistance of juvenile shrimp
    Wang Guang-jun, Pang Shi-xun and Liu Qing-shen show the effects on juvenile Penaeus vannamei

Industry Review

  • Gridlock in freshwater prawn farming
    Giant Malaysian Prawn 2008 addressed production challenges in India, China, Vietnam, Philippines. By Zuridah Merican

Fish culture

  • Tilapia hatchery technology
    Diversity in hatchery methods. By Eric Roderick


  • Catfish galore at Vietfish International 2008
    At Vietfish 2008, full steam ahead in the worldwide marketing of the catfish.

Company/Product News

  • Evonik Degussa, Immunocorp Animal Health, SBAE Industries, Meridien Animal Health, Sonac
  • Trade at the 6th Philshrimp Congress 2008
  • Book review
  • Forthcoming events