Sept/Oct 2010

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  • Industry Review - Tilapia
  • Developments
  • Cage Culture

Volume 6, Number 7 September/October 2010 MICA (P) 088/10/2010 ISBN 1793-0561

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Shrimp Culture

  • Industry comments on 'The proactive way to live with WSSV'
    Dan Fegan on reducing risk of disease outbreaks through limiting the introduction of the virus

Feed Technology

  • Sa Dec - Vietnam’s fish feed capital
    The companies behind the significant expansion in pangasius catfish feed production. By Zuridah Merican and Nguyen Thi Minh Huong
  • Making a change in feeds
    Rising fish meal prices demand that farmers position themselves with plant protein concentrates. By Ron Hardy
  • Botanical extracts and pangasius catfish
    These enhance disease resistance and reduce parasitic infestation according to Peter Coutteau, Nguyen Huu Thinh, Simon Eskinazi and Huyen Dieu Nguyen
  • Effect of essential oils on the channel catfish
    Zonglin Zheng and Matt Pearce show changes in intestinal bacterial populations.

Industry Review -Tilapia

  • Thailand's tilapia in 2009
    Higher production, higher prices and more frozen fillet to the US in 2009. By Dhanapong Sangsue
  • Managing tilapia health in complex commercial systems
    Neil Wendover says the key components of integrated health management are proactive strategies focussing on prevention of diseases.


  • Leading in genetic improvement of the vannamei shrimp
    The SPF shrimp broodstock program with high fecundity and marketing from three locations.

Cage Culture

  • Vietnam’s cobia marches to ESE
    The growth opportunity in farming and marketing the unique and versatile cobia.
  • Cage technology and the environment
    Containment and waste management systems to minimise impacts on the environment.


  • BAP certification standards go to Australia
    GAA's Peter Redmond talks to AAP on making an impact in Australia’s consumer market.
  • New standards drive interest in fish used for fish meals
    With the increasing focus on sustainability of aquaculture, attention is on the provenance of fish for fish meal. By Duncan Leadbitter

Culture Technology

  • Sulphide and phosphate problems in shrimp ponds
    In this two part article, David J.W. Moriarty discusses the interactions between sulphide, iron and phosphate in shrimp ponds followed by calcium, iron and phosphate cycling.

Show Reviews

  • Vietfish 2010
    Technology, standards and marketing.
  • Australasian Aquaculture 2010
    Keeping pace with change for Australia's industry.

Company/Product News

  • Aquatrees/Value proposition/ New lighting system for aquaculture.


  • Asian Pacific Aquaculture and Giant Prawn 2011
    'aquaculture: future is here'
  • Victam 2011
    Dedicated animal feed show moves to Germany.
  • Aqua India 2010/Events listing