Sept/Oct 2011

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Volume 7, Number 5 September/October 2011 MICA (P) 006/10/2011 ISBN 1793-0561

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  • Landmark report on aquaculture / Tilapia genome sequenced / Four-Star company in BAP program
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Shrimp Culture

  • Vietnam farmers grapple with diseases
    In Ben Tre, it is living with diseases and in Soc Trang, a nursery system is proposed. By Zuridah Merican
  • A learning curve in vannamei shrimp production
    Practising biofloc systems amid changing weather conditions in Bali

Feed Technology

  • TARS 2011- Aqua Feeds and Nutrition
    Where do we want to be tomorrow?
  • Effects of potassium diformate on growth and health of pangasius catfish
    A higher protein digestibility and nutrient uptake led to a faster harvest, by Kai-Jens Kí¼hlmann and Christian Lí¼ckstí¤dt
  • Yeast extracts supplementation in the white shrimp
    These increase feed consumption in 15g shrimp, according to Philippe Tacon and Tanuttha Suyawanish

Focus on Hatcheryy

  • Algal concentrates in hatchery culture
    An industrialised approach to tailor algal compositions to meet the requirements, by John S. Clark

Focus on Hatchery

  • A winner in production of marble goby fry
    Early and complete weaning from day 40 in a Singapore hatchery

Industry Review - Freshwater Fish and Prawns

  • Freshwater prawn production in Bangladesh
    Prabal Barua, Jewel Das and Md. Abul Hossain introduce an over-winter nursery to increase output.
  • Bali leads in this 'mini lobster' production
    A profitable small-scale business for the local live prawn market
  • Culture of redline snakehead
    The potential of using pelleted feeds to culture fish, by M.A. Haniffa, M. James Milton and Ajaz Ali Bhat


  • Moving pangasius up the value chain
    Options to move from 'quantity' to 'quality' and increase market access.
  • Vietfish 2011
    The road to better quality and certification for Vietnamese seafood

Show Review

  • Trade at FITA 2011, Bali
    Innovations for Indonesia aquaculture

Company News

  • Focus on Asian aquaculture
  • A new aquaculture diagnostic platform
  • Ready to market vaccine for pangasius catfish
  • Specialty additives/Asian Nutrition Forum
  • Industry and academic collaboration in Vietnam
  • Algal products/New appointments

Show Previews

  • Third International Symposium on Cage Aquaculture in Asia/Aquaculture Europe 2011


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