Sept/Oct 2012

  • A New Benchmark in Shrimp Farming in Malaysia
  • R&D for Sustainable Feeds
  • mmunomodulating Stress and Disease in Tilapia
  • Probiotics in Shrimp Hatchery Operations
  • Shrimp Aquaculture - Shaping the Value Chain, TARS 2012

Volume 8, Number 5 September/October 2012 MICA (P) 008/10/2012 ISBN 1793-0561

From the editor

  • Is there a Production - Market disconnect?


  • Indonesian aquaculture
    Industrialisation and diversification working together with food safety standards
  • News in Brief

Shrimp Culture

  • A new benchmark in shrimp culture in Malaysia
    iSHARP Setiu has a unique modular design, fully lined ponds and canals and controlled production. By Zuridah Merican
  • Where do we want Asian shrimp aquaculture to be tomorrow?
    TARS 2012 highlights state of the science presentations and key messages to drive the Asian shrimp aquaculture sector
  • Application of beneficial bacteria for shrimp from hatchery to grow-out
    Elisabeth Mayer and Gon?alo Santos describe challenges to balancing water quality which is fundamental to health and growth of shrimp larvae to grow-out

Feed Technology

  • Strategic R&D to deliver sustainable feeds
    Dr Alex Obach tells AAP that replacement of fish meal is now possible but it will still take some time for fish meal free diets in the salmonids
  • Nile tilapia beat stress and disease with immunomodulating β-1,3/1,6-glucan
    A valuable way of helping fish battle the stress of intensive production, say Felipe De Conti Horta and Fabiana Pilaski


  • Overview on genetic strains and hatchery technology
    Production from a diversity of stocks but dependent on sex reversal techniques for an all-male production. By Eric Roderick


  • Seafood cuisine in Malaysia: more choices
    Presentation of exotic freshwater fish and the soft shell crab, all locally farmed
  • Vietfish 2012: Responding to market changes
    A difficult year in major markets but industry urged to prepare for the future
  • Marketing the cobia and pompano
    A change in focus to meet local and regional market demands


  • Sea cucumber in the Maldives
    The future is with the local species By Charles M. James

Company News

  • Growing in India's shrimp feed market
  • Two new operations and strategic alliance in functional hydrolysates production
  • Intestinal health in aquaculture
  • New headquarters/Approval for Streptococcus vaccine in Asia-Pacific
  • Strategic research alliance in the salmon business

Show Reviews

  • IndoAqua & FITA 2012
    Towards industrialisation
  • Vietfish 2012
    Trade in aqua products


  • International Fisheries Symposium-IFS2012 & listing of events