Sept/Oct 2016

  • Hard Talk with shrimp farmers at TARS 2016
  • What's new on AHPND and EHP
  • Poor adoption of extruded feeds by groupers
  • Gut health for better productivity of tilapia
  • Innovations for farmed seafood

Volume 12, Number 5 September/October 2016 MCI (P) 013/10/2016 ISBN 1793 - 056

From the editor

  • Shrimp Aquaculture: Who is evolving faster-pathogens or us


  • State and future of the shrimp aquaculture industry in Asia

Disease Management

  • Hard Talk with shrimp farmers on business models and disease mitigation
    Thought provoking views from three industry leaders from Malaysia, India and Thailand at TARS 2016

Shrimp Culture

  • TARS 2016: Shrimp Aquaculture & The New Normal: Part 1
  • Industry challenges in Indonesia, India and Latin America
  • Putting a value on losses from diseases
  • What's new on AHPND and EHP
  • Molecular mechanisms of AHPND
  • Prevention with a health management program
  • Mitigating the high risks of WSSV and AHPND outbreaks
    In the Philippines, training on sustainable aquaculture practices at the Shrimp School is nurturing a new generation of shrimp technicians. By Leobert D. de la Peí±a, Westly R. Rosario, Rodolfo V. Zamora, Jr., Mary Ann C. Solis and Cary P. Andigan

Marine Fish

  • Compound feeds for grouper aquaculture - why has adoption been so poor?
    Perspectives from grouper farmers, researchers and commercial feed companies. By Michael A. Rimmer, Wajan Sudja, Denny D. Indradjaja, Nyoman Adiasmara Giri and Asda Laining

Feed Technology

  • Commitment to farms in Vietnam and India
    Sheng Long moves to support tilapia farming in Vietnam and develop the new shrimp feed business in India. By Zuridah Merican
  • A comparison of wheat and rice bran meal in diets for grass carp
    Replacing wheat with 10% rice bran meal will decrease cost of feed without affecting growth Performance say Yongqing Ye and Xiaoxi Luo
  • Ideal amino acid ratios in vannamei shrimp starter feeds
    Dhanapong Sangsue says that a better understanding of protein and amino acid nutrition can improve feed quality and save costs of feeding
  • Promoting gut health improves productivity and profitability in Nile tilapia farmed in cages in Brazil
    A stable and healthy gut microbiota impacts directly on digestive and growth efficiency. By Giovani Sampaio Goní§alves, Manoel Joaquim Peres Ribeiro, Maria Mercè Isern Subich and Peter Coutteau
  • Phytase acts against the antinutritional effects of phytic acid in fish
    Thomas Wilson discusses the benefits alongside improvements in availability of dietary minerals and in fat and protein retention
  • Replacing fish meal with a bioprocessed protein concentrate in shrimp
    A solid-state fermented mixture of soybean meal and corn gluten meal successfully replaces up to 30% of fish meal. By Hyeonho Yun, Jehoon Ryu, Seong-Jun Cho and Jun-Young Bae


  • Innovations for farmed seafood
    A French processor scores by innovating farmed shrimp products and the story on the farming process on packaging. By Zuridah Merican
  • Expanding value addition in Vietnam
    Bringing higher margins through value creation for pangasius products

Company News

  • JV feed factory officially opened in Turkey
  • New Normal in Thailand/Targeting growth in Indonesia
  • Transfer of probiotic business/Device to reduce stock losses
  • Blue Economy Challenge/More byproducts for marine ingredients supply
  • EHP mitigation in India
  • Health and nutrition at Aqua Days
  • New model for large pumps


  • 6th ICAI, Bali, Indonesia
  • Giant Prawn 2017, Bangkok, Thailand