Sept/Oct 2017

  • TARS 2017: Hard Talk with Finfish Farmers
  • Farming Shrimp the Right Way in India
  • Young Aquaculture Entrepreneur
  • Farming Barramundi alongside Pathogens
  • Sea Lice in Snappers in Malaysia
  • Optimising Productivity of Live Feed

Volume 13, Number 5 September/October 2017 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Asian Financial Crisis and Finfish Aquaculture


  • State of the finfish aquaculture industry in Asia

Shrimp Culture

  • In India, are we farming shrimp the right way?
    Manoj M Sharma questions if farming practices are keeping up with intensification, from pond carrying capacity to waste discharge?
  • Freshwater Prawn Culture
    A young aquaculture entrepreneur in the making
    Giva Kuppasamy is changing the industry in Malaysia with production of all-male giant freshwater prawn post larvae. By Zuridah Merican

Finfish Aquaculture

  • TARS 2017: Finfish Aquaculture - Strategies for Growth
  • Hard Talk with Finfish Farmers
    Three farmers openly share their business experiences and identify the weakest links in their supply chain.

Finfish Aquaculture - Part 1: Industry challenges

  • Growing Indonesia’s finfish industry
  • Challenges in China’s finfish farming
  • A challenging marine finfish farming business in Malaysia
  • Strategies with competition in the Mediterranean
  • Moving up the whitefish ladder

Feed Technology

  • Measuring performance in formulation
    David Serene describes a tool to measure feed performance and evaluate formulation process improvement.
  • Proactive feeding for shrimp broodstock and larvae
    Functional ingredients enhance shrimp immunity with better survival rates, say Aedrian Ortiz Johnson and Eamonn O’Brien
  • Mycotoxin detoxification: Science vs Marketing
    The challenge for a mycotoxin detoxifying agent is to reduce the intestinal absorption of mycotoxins. By Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven and Marie Gallissot
  • Optimising productivity of copepod cultures as live feed
    Live phytoplankton, enhanced with probiotics, substantially increased density per biomass. By Aurore Trottet, Rémi Maguet, Mathilde Richer de Forges and Guillaume Drillet
  • Disease Management
    Farming the barramundi alongside pathogens
    Alain Michel recounts learning the hard way at an integrated farm in Indonesia.
  • Leong Tak Seng describes symptom on several species of snappers in 2016.


  • China's agenda in aquaculture
    Stakeholders show the way forward with green technology, sustainability, aquaculture transformation and efficiency.

Show Review

  • Spotlight on Africa
    At World Aquaculture 2017, new frontiers for economic growth. By Eric Roderick

Company News & Events

  • Growing with customers in Africa
  • Larger presence for aqua feed market leader in Africa
  • Supporting Vietnam's aquaculture growth
  • Adding value to African aquaculture/ Optimum dryer performance
  • Support with talk on fish parasites/ Australian-focused website
  • Launch of CJ Selecta
  • APA17 - Connecting aquaculture in Asia
  • Release of enhanced feed probiotic for shrimp farming
  • 11th National Shrimp Congress