Sept/Oct 2020

  • Startups in Indonesia and Singapore
  • Controlling Shrimp Production Costs in India
  • Managing AHPND
  • Feeds for the Asian Seabass in Cambodia

Volume 16, Number 5 September/October 2020 MCI (P) 010/10/2020 ISBN 1793 -056

From the editor

  • Embracing a culture of innovation


  • Innovations and startups making waves/Achieving food security

Shrimp Culture

  • The essentials to minimise costs of vannamei shrimp production
    In this Q&A article, Ravikumar Bangarusamy addresses several important practices to control cost of production.
  • An industrialised vannamei shrimp farming model in China
    An insight into culture practices in Shandong province.
  • New studies show microbial solution reduces shrimp mortality from AHPND
    A gnotobiotic Artemia model system showed that probiotic treatment alleviates mortality after purified PirAB toxin challenge. By Anwar Hasan, Benedict Standen and Jutta Kesselring

Innovation and Startups

  • First in Vietnam: Highly concentrated probiotic-coated shrimp feeds
    A game changer, moving away from top dressing at farm site. By Cuong Huynh Tran, Fernando Castro and Sjoerd Bakker
  • Shrimp farming made easy
    A new startup in Indonesia brings modernisation and computerisation to shrimp farming.
  • Changing to deep technology in ocean aquaculture and ecosystem
    Startup leverages on its aerospace and software engineering background to dive into smart feeding systems and satellite sensing.

Demand and Supply Equilibrium

  • Reflections on Indian shrimp in Covid-19 dominated 2020
    Willem van der Pijl looks at the first seven months and shares his prognosis for the rest of 2020.
  • An initial assessment on farmed shrimp supply 2020
    Up to mid-August, the supply situation indicates a downward trend, as producers are pinned by lower prices amidst the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. By Soraphat Panakorn

Feed Technology

  • Hydrolyzed yeast as a source of nucleotides
    A natural solution to challenges encountered in Nile tilapia reproduction and progeny performance. By Liliana Borges and Melina Bonato
  • Partial substitution of fish meal with novel fermented soybean meal enhances tolerance against AHPND
    Sergio Nates showed how inclusion levels of 10% to 30% enhanced tolerance of whiteleg shrimp in challenge trials conducted in Vietnam.
  • Local feed ingredients for Asian seabass diets in Cambodia
    Replacing trash fish requires firstly to evaluate the availability and nutritional composition of potential feed ingredients. By Khum Sros, Mak Chankakada, Oem Ramana, Hoeun Phearum, Asda Laining, Usman, Michael A. Rimmer, Thay Somony and Hav Viset
  • A virtual experience for 2020 ONE
    Improving fish gut health and feed efficiency via genetic selection, dynamic nutritional modelling and trace mineral nutrition.
  • Fish oils and alternative dietary lipid sources for finfish
    Gerald N Misol J discusses some options to ease pressure on fish oils from capture fisheries.
  • Prospects of Artemia production in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
    Integrating Artemia, salt and fish/shrimp aquaculture to increase income and profitability of salt farmers. By Muhammad Meezanur Rahman and Patrick Sorgeloos
  • Concept of a ‘fish meal equivalent- could it be insect meal?
    With amino acid profiles more comparable to fish meal, would insect meals be a preferable alternative to soybean meal for aquafeeds? By Partha P. Biswas