Sept/Oct 2021

  • Firm, Tight-Grained Texture Tilapia
  • Trust Deficit with Functional Feeds
  • Singapore’s Urban Shrimp Factory
  • Interview with Brett Glencross
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From the editor

  • The problem with Asian shrimp aquaculture today


  • The Asian shrimp in EU, China and US markets

Shrimp Culture

  • A decade - long service to the shrimp sector
    The role played by India’s Aquatic Quarantine Facility. By M. C. Remany, Daly Cyriac, Sruthi
    Prem O. C, Kannan D, Razak Ali and Kandan S
  • Vannamei shrimp production in the Philippines: Is there a revolution ahead?
    Ronaldo Gatilao, Wilson Dayaday and Thommy Tablatin show changes with intensification, new
    culture systems and using performance functional feeds

Shrimp Culture- Innovation

  • Securing the shrimp nursery with water recirculation system
    A discussion on an innovative shrimp farming model aimed at reducing water exchange.
    By Henry Cuong, Truong Ngoc Thao, Phong Chau and Van Thi Thai Nguyen
  • Live vannamei shrimp, from urban shrimp factories to global markets
    In Singapore, new scaleup Universal Aquaculture is commercialising vertical high density
    vannamei shrimp farming with the first harvest in 2021

Feed Technology

  • Interview: A story of complementarity rather than replacement
    Brett Glencross talks about his new role at IFFO and the science behind the outlook for marine
  • Production of tilapia with firm, tight-grained texture flesh
    Specific diets change the characteristics of certain parts of the tilapia, say Nie Xiao Feng, Zhong
    Guo Xiong and Su Shi
  • On-farm strategies demonstrating the efficacy of a functional feed additive
    to reduce the impact of white faeces syndrome
    These trials at a farm in Lampung, Indonesia cover a large number of ponds. By Martha Mamora,
    Jaka Raharjo, Maria Mercè Isern-Subich and Waldo G. Nuez-Ortín
  • A mix of free amino acids influences survival of white leg shrimp post larvae
    challenged with AHPND and WSSV
    Pierrick Kersanté, Guillaume Le Reste and Luxsanawadee Soonngam discuss how
    bacteriological and viral challenges help in the understanding of how natural free amino acids
  • Protein in aquafeeds, a major cost and strategies for its use
    The valuation of formulations gives optimum cost savings with a feed additive in fish feeds, says
    Pierre Fortin

Industry review-Marine Shrimp

  • The trust deficit on functional feeds among shrimp farmers in Asia
    Three business leaders representing the supply chain tried to make sense of the situation during
    the Hard Talk at TARS 2021
  • Sustainability - Building confidence in Asian shrimp
  • Reducing GHG emissions from Indonesia's shrimp aquaculture

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