September / October 2022

  • Ablation and Shrimp Welfare
  • Mouth Gape and Pellet Size for Tilapia Fingerlings
  • Interview on Developing Vietnam’s Shrimp Feed Market
  • Yeast for Fish and Shrimp Growth and Health

From the editor

  • ESG and the future of aquaculture

Industry News

  • Marine ingredients supply chain in Thailand

Industry Review - Marine Shrimp

  • Review of India’s 2021 shrimp crop
    This contribution by the Society of Aquaculture Professionals discusses the national record
    production of farmed shrimp led by Andhra Pradesh
  • Ablation and shrimp welfare
    More attention on the practice of eyestalk ablation with consumers regarding animal welfare
    as part of sustainability in shrimp aquaculture. By Marcela Salazar, Bruno Decock and Oscar
  • Rise in black tiger shrimp farming
    At GSF, reflections on production trends and markets for the increase in volumes

Feed Technology

  • Feeding the right pellet size to tilapia fingerlings
    A relationship between growth performance and mouth gape determines what should be the
    pellet size, say Cuong Huynh Tran, Tran Minh Triet, Truong Thao, Pham Minh Anh and Marc
  • Efficacy of a yeast supplement in whiteleg shrimp after a challenge with
    Vibrio parahaemolyticus
    Ingrid Lupatsch discusses how an enzymatically treated whole yeast significantly increased
    survival rate of juvenile shrimp
  • A forward-looking development in Vietnam’s shrimp feed market
    BioMar is acting on its dynamic investment in Vietnam’s shrimp feed market, says
    François Loubere
  • Yeast postbiotics strengthen preventive management of S. agalactiae and
    A. hydrophila outbreaks in tilapia farming
    Otavio S. Castro, Nadege Richard and Alban Caratis say there is the possibility of reducing
    pathogen pressure in the gut and increasing the immune response in tilapia
  • A functional hydrolysate adds value to feeds for omnivorous fish species
    Dietary hydrolysate supplementation greatly improved production yields and margins. By Mikael
    Herault, Paul Seguin and Muhammad Kabir
  • A novel yeast for immune support in shrimp
    An exploration of how P. guilliermondii in diets impacts shrimp immune physiology and
    performance. By Sarah Cooper, François Jégou, Delphine Weissman and Yoav Rosen
  • 46 Phytogenic feed additives: Garlic and cinnamon to improve health and
    growth performance in shrimp
    Matthijs de Jong and Aurélie Montagnon show that benefits is growth at lower inclusion and
    improved immune status at higher inclusion.
  • Nucleotides: Functional ingredients in shrimp feed formulation
    Romi Novriadi says that supplementation in shrimp diets with high inclusion levels of plantprotein
    sources gave a positive impact on growth performance, immune response and disease
    resistance of shrimp against Vibrio harveyi.
  • Optimising efficiency and lowering aquafeed costs using the ideal protein concept
    A starting point for using the ideal protein concept in aquafeed formulations. By Ewen McLean,
    Kelly B. Alfrey, Delbert M. Gatlin III, T. Gibson Gaylord and Frederick T. Barrows


  • Rapid field detection of diseases in shrimp
    Lee Khoon Hwee explains the progress of startup, Forte Biotech with quick lab grade diagnostic
    tests in the field for shrimp farmers

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